I saw the screenshot and i see no problem at all.
I'll even reproduce the text here:
The Blood. Now, I can see how it could be a fantastic thing to nurse a dying human back to health if all it takes is to sacrifice a toad, but I spy bloodlust in these people's eyes: a bloodlust that goes beyond the usual meaning of the word. - by Arhu

A work of fiction is still a work of fiction. If i write a book about a character that follows a different set of morals which are opposite to what is the standard belief, i'm not automatically agreeing with my character's viewpoint. Also, your generalization is very faulty, one line by one character is not a representative sample of the author's thoughts.

I think you're very confused because you thought Arhu was supposed to be a good person. From WHERE did you think that? It is quite obvious (to me) that a crazy shapeshifting zoophile wizard does not follow the usual moral system of the rest of Cyseal (specially considering he built that robot that killed lots of people).

I think you SHOULD like his speech. It brings ATTENTION to something you consider important and the rest of the game AGREES WITH YOU so much that you have many opportunities to show that you respect animals' lives.

I also think you underestimate people's capacity to discern what they want to belief. Even if what you said is true (that the game endorses this viewpoint), it would have failed really hard to convince us to accept that viewpoint.

Personally i think that unless we evolve to eat only minerals (i.e. rocks), i'll still think it's completely valid to kill animals and plants to eat or to do anything else that benefits our species specially if it's done in a respectful or conscious way (no need to make any species extinct).

You are entitled to your opinion. I even think it's awesome you decided to post about it so Larian can see your viewpoint (and hopefully ignore it) here, but now that you did it, i think you need to wrestle an earth elemental to develop tougher skin.