Can you enlighten me on how to make a legendary weapon with 2 elemental types and tenebrium?

That is not the max you can get for 2h sorry.

Your % is good and all but remember this is a turn based game. You either finish your enemies or you don't. That 20% if translated to absolute number is a lot.

Example: WW. You either kill everything with 1 WW or you don't. What if you have used both WW and DV and there are still 6 AIs left with 200 hp each? If you use 1h weapon and after all the modifiers, you certainly lag far behind 2h in this regard.

There is not such thing as DPS in effective game play. No one grinds bosses end game. You either kill the boss or it is alive, whether with 1 or 100 hp doesn't matter one bit. You can be objective with numbers all you want but in the end, no one will agree with you that 1h "does not lag far behind 2h" when they actually play the toons.

Let put it this way:
Both the 2h and 1h have 20 AP per turn, and both have to fight a same boss. The 2h kills the boss in 1 turn. He has used 20 AP for this boss.
The 1h takes 2 turns to kill the boss. He has effectively used 40 AP for this boss.

God forbids if the boss heals himself or cast some defensive stuffs or cc the 1h, you will be looking at even more AP for the 1h. Worse, the boss has healing mechanics like that of leech or zombie, the 1h may not even be able to kill the boss.

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