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Same crash problem here.

When I first used the program I kept listing the wrong directory for "data" and it would crash immediately...Every time, no exceptions, as soon as I selected a tab after attempting to load. The correct data folder to use is of course the only data folder there is..;)...make sure that the path includes the data directory itself and not just the parent directory--or you'll crash as I did. Path name should read

X(your game install drive letter):/Divinity - Original Sin/Data

then you should be able to select a saved game and hit the load button and proceed from there without a problem. That's the only crash I've had with the MooseEdit program.

Also early on, I did notice that if I attempted to write back values the 1.0.107 game would not accept, then as soon as I booted the game and attempted to load the edited save the game itself would crash--not MooseEdit, the game itself would crash. Didn't know which crash precisely you might've been talking about.

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)