I backed it. I've put in a number of hours now, and...

Well...I remain hopeful. I do. But as it stands, it's a huge mess of bugs and unintuitive things, a poorly-built system to battle with, and I cannot support the controversial decision that combat, outside of significant (boss/story?) encounters, provides no XP.

What boggles me is the fairly significant contingent of people rabidly defending this. Which is fine--they're entitled to their opinion--but they're slagging the other side as "MMO addicts," "action RPGers," and people who "love to grind." IMO, character progression would really suffer, and each battle would become such a chore. Why even design cool spells, skills, and weapons, then?

Anyway, some things feel like BG--the exploration, dialogue, environments--but currently, there seems to be a mountain of issues to address for the Obsidian team; the forums are just buzzing.

Again, I remain somewhat hopeful, but the fear that this will not be the game I thought I backed is growing in the back of my mind. frown