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and when you boot the game it will peek in the assets folder and if no "textures" directory is present it will automatically load the game's default textures. To get the modded textures back just reverse the above process. I've done it several times in testing without issue.

Using MooseEdit has not presented me with any problems relating to texture mods, etc.

(Apologies if you already knew this...;))

Yes, I knew it, but after I encountered the problem I thought maybe I was mistaken...

Anyway as I said I really don't change any "textures" files and now it works every time.

Just to clarify... do you really can open textures_1 or _2 and see the files inside? I read that these files were a part of main textures.pak. I mean, maybe when opening textures.pak the program opens all "part files" (_1, _2, ...) and you don't have to open the "part files".

If I really have corrupted both "part files" of textures I don't think I can play the game as I'm playing right know with no textures issues.

The _1 and _2 files are not meant to be opened directly. When opening and extracting files from the Textures.pak, some of the files in the list are from _1 and _2 (most of them are, actually). Opening _1 and _2 directly is not supposed to work.

Also I am thinking about working on either a waypoint editor or an appearance editor next. Does anyone have a preference?

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