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No that is the not the max you can get damage wise for lvl 20 legendary scythe. And there is no way you can get that scythe in game. I am not talking about the damage. I am talking about the 2 elemental types AND tenebrium. The only item with such kind of state is the unique dagger Snakebite. Plus, if you acquire that the conventional way, it should be quite obvious that the damage in none of those slots are maxed. Unless you use something that tells you that those were max. I call BS on te scythe.

Slightly less damage? Go read my post again, not only bosses and AOE and stuffs . 20% being slightly less then 2 h is ike a C is a slightly less an A. lulz

I indeed made both items with the editor specifically for this showcase :), so maybe you can't find one with 2 elemental types conventionally. But that makes me sure that damage on all the slots IS maxed, because I've put the best possible damage modifiers on both and then added blacksmithing and enchants on top. Anyway, the point of this is that damage ratio stays the same no matter how much buffs you put on top of it.

80% is more like B than C.

I've read your post again and it still didn't make any sense, you're describing some purely theoretical stuff which doesn't happen in the game atm. Again, if speaking from purely theoretical perspective, if enemies in the game actually did serious damage 1h >>> 2h. Survivability bonus of 1h is much larger than damage bonus of 2h. If two builds were to fight, 1h would beat the crap out of 2h. AOE is indeed better on 2h, then again spell AOE is even better.

Now, if only the absolute possible max damage is what interests you, I can easily show that rogue with backstabs will outdamage 50% crit 2h. So going by that logic 2h is now useless?

Btw, everyone and their mother has slashing and crushing resistance in Dark forest after the last patch, so yay for damage type equality.

Anyway, I'm kinda done arguing, since it becomes less and less constructive and I have better things to do. People who read the thread will decide for themselves who made a better point.