You seem to love theorycrafting even with flawed theories. Case in point. That scythe is not the max you can get. The ax may not even possible, and it has no crit m8. Take that into account too if you want to talk about the long run DPS race. You see, I actually play the game and find those items. I know what is reasonable possible. The second you post that, I smelled BS.

93 is an A. 73 is a C. Lava core is 100. Besides, if the class is that easy that everyone can make 100, that dude with 80 will surely get a C or less.

You are still hanging on "all 8 meteors will hit all the targets I want and there really are 8 meteors because the game says so." The damage to kill everything with WW is important because you can use it only once per battle. Also shield defense is useless if you are KD, stunted, blind etc... My hard enemies = those that can land CC all the time. The fight then, as always, comes down to who has the most initiative and can move first and has the most speed. Next you want to obliterate as much enemies as possible. With that in mind, that "only 20+% less" is laughable.
"Only one or two or three more turns" lulz