I just finished a game with both Rogue and Ranger in my team, they are far from underpowered. They dealt great damage throughout the game.

1) Rogue

He may have weak attack, but backstab always doubles your damage. Even if sometimes its not that much, it is still very good in most situations. Just try to keep him a little safer. Also he can spam his attacks a lot, so in many occasions he dealt over 50% of HP in one enemy than my 2H tank. Having full sneak means 4x damage per attack with only 3 points. Give him a 10AP worth of speed and make circles killing the squishes. Also, his bomb ability is usefull as hell. Spawn that thing and teleport it with jahan. Laugh your ass out

2) Ranger, a little weak at first but she have have dealt the most damage out of everyone overall. Her 2 damaging abilities are great to use(not ricochet). I never used her special arrows because i was satisfied with her damage.

3) My "secrets"

Lots of Stun, Knock down etc etc, bully in Madora, Rogue and Ranger helped their overall damage a lot. Also charm on both rogue and ranger is very helpfull. Take 2 enemies 90% of time and laugh.

Jahan, having freeze as well is always helpfull. The less enemies you take care of at one time, the easier it gets.

Really, even on hard i found my ranger and rogue to be very powerfull and usefull, in both Direct and Indirect ways.

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