I have a question but first, please don't 'spoil' me if you can.

I used this tool (and thank A LOT for this !) to change like i want Madora and Jahan, nothing else, I didn't play tone of hours yet and i just lef the 1st city . I am a(crazy nerd) fan of theorycrafting and tried to find the best combo, stat etc before playing an RPG like that with many refl騙ion before start the game but always without Hard spoil, or story spoil, when i can :x ...

Well, i stop speak about my (un-interesting) life xD !

My question is simple, when i want change the "Talents" of my 2 compagnons, i have seen tone of other, i look and read some of them, like the "kickstarter" Talens (i realy want to test this !) , i just want to know if those talents are just like a data base for Mobs / Boss etc, or if we can Get some of them ? (for thos who aren't in the character creation menu)
Or maybe with Items ? Magic buff ? Unique ring etc ?

Don't tell me where or what i must go for, just a "yes" or "not" and the "type" of possibility : Item / lvlup / new game + . Nothing more plz ^^

Well ... Thx for reading, sorry for my bad english, not my mother tongue but i try to be better, and thx again for this tool and all people who work to help for his cration, Great tool.

Have a good day and good game everyone smile