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Can you send me a copy of the unedited save file that is causing issues?

I PMed you a link to it. After sending it though, it occurred to me that the save is not quite Vanilla, as it uses the extra move speed mod that's been floating around this forum. I don't suppose that might have something to do with it...?

I can confirm that this is a problem for me too when I use your save but until the appearance editor is done I won't be looking into it.

You're correct, there is indeed rounding going on here, but my goal from the start has been to emulate the display behavior of the in-game tooltips and as such it is unlikely that I will be displaying the full damage value as calculated. I don't see this as a big deal either, what does the decimal calculation matter?

No, these talents cannot be acquired through normal means.

This is the first time anyone has mentioned this particular issue. I haven't run into it myself. Can you provide some details about the environment you are running the software in?