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Well I certainly hope the Linux version is announced soon, as my collectors edition box is sitting in a corner unopened with lots of dust on it.

For us Linux users with no windows machines, this wait is excruciating.


While I still have a Windows installation in a triple boot config (Linux Mint, PC-BSD and Windows), I would much prefer to play D:OS on Linux.

I used to keep three OSes going, too--Workbench, OS/2, and Windows (even the horrid Mac OS for a brief period)--and it turned out to be a lot of work for very little payoff. Of course I was much younger and had ample energy to burn and it was a great ego kick...;) But it didn't take me long to find out that where games were concerned Windows was the place to be--even then--much as I would have preferred it be the Amiga. Today, it's not even close. The Linux version certainly won't be "better" by any stretch, so it's hard to figure sometimes what you guys are waiting on and why. If computer gaming is something you really like then Linux is the exactly the wrong place to be . I mean, you don't have to like Microsoft to understand why Windows is the game-developer's choice, hands down. I'll shut up, now...;)

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