I've decided to temporarily disable the appearance editor and release the latest changes.


Added item rarity highlighting
Made the exit button/'X' button exit immediately
Added visual item count
Added command line argument parsing for opening .lsb/.pak files
Modified item tooltips to no longer be constrained by the main window and instead be constrained by the desktop
Fixed issue with reading latest format of .lsb save files
Added multiple selection to skill editor

Originally Posted by smackdaddy
I'm trying to solve a very specific issue and I'm hoping MooseEdit can help me...I looted and sold Sam's Collar not knowing I would eventually need it for a quest. I have checked every NPC I can, and none have it, so I'm assuming I sold it to somebody who is no longer available to interact with.

I'd like to add that one item to my inventory...how do I go about doing so? I looked through the list of items several times, and I didn't see it anywhere.

You probably didn't find it because it is tricky to find. You won't find it by name under the "base item" section. It is actually specified by an item template. For example, if you look at any book in your inventory, they're all the same base item ("Gen_Book") but differ based on the item template.
I had Sam's Collar in one of my save files so I uploaded it. After downloading it (see MooseEdit link above), use the "Import" button to add it to your inventory.

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