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Oh man, OS/2! Was so proud when i was finally able to afford 8MB RAM to get Warp 3 run smoothly... smile

Anyway, unless you need to play games on release day, Linux with wine is sufficient for most modern RPGs. D:OS certainly works fine with wine 1.7.24.

Yes, the emulators have come a long way...! But still...it's an emulator...;)

OS/2...after warp I stripped OS/2 from my life and never looked back. It was my third version of OS/2. IBM did such a poor job with it--I had an on-the-shelf CD-ROM drive that ran great under Windows (which I was hoping to escape) but OS/2 did not support it! I asked IBM for a driver and their response was: just use the built-in Windows emulation! Grrrrr....;) That was it for me!

At the time IBM had the money and OS/2 could have been a contender. But IBM just didn't want to match or exceed Microsoft's OS R&D budgets, and so OS/2 predictably failed. Can you imagine what a boon it would have been had IBM spent $500M (it was an $80B-a-year company then, richer than Microsoft or Intel) to get 500 of the leading Windows applications & games ported to OS/2? That and some serious hardware driver improvement would have put OS/2 out front. But as soon became clear, IBM simply didn't have any taste for competing with Microsoft on the OS front. Such a pity!

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)