No offense,but why not simply GIVE THEM (including me) the OPTION to do so by mods/updates?I hate linear games HOWEVER I really liked this game,in ego draconis for instance I loved the game as well,but the linearity made it quite an annoyance,besides,once the game was over...poof,no extra dungeons,and you don't feel like ever playing the game anymore because everything will go down as the very way it did before,sure,exchange playing way,classes,etc...but in my honest opnion (an opnion of whom has played early castlevanias,legend of mana,skyrim,oblivion,larian games,megaman (although it's not related at all except command mission),infinite undiscovery,tales of series,lost odyssey,final fantasy series,xenosaga,crash series,enchanted arms,diablo,dungeon siege,racing games in general and so on).

Look,ok if you won't change your opnion,but lets set an example: you started the game,and the only low (2~3) leveled enemies you see near/in the town are either guards or very few others,everything smashes you even at easy and many quests request items/npcs from way more strong areas.I would really,really enjoy more ways to play it,even an alternative route for being in the other side of the plot,against source hunters,guilds (will you say it's lore-unfriendly,really?),extra dungeons...I wanted to have at least the tools and help to achieve such,or others to do so because I'm very sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

Besides,just saying "NO" in a thread is quite ridiculous,aim to help and satisfy a little bit,if Larian didn't want it to be and it will likely ruin the gameplay,let them do it anyway,it will be our problem,not yours,geez can't people be more open minded towards EVEN games?

Feel free to contact me by or skype : randomguy0981237,ANYONE.Because honestly I just created this account for this thread,for the while at least.