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Oooh, I'd really like to get that bugged quest out of the way... frown Well, at least your Editor helped me to get dyes! And what's this I see, new colors! Hmmmmmm, that's worth checking out. Do I have to have the latest version of the game?

It is unlikely that quests will be implemented any time soon, if at all. It is not straight-forward and would involve a great deal of effort for what is essentially no gain.
Quests are controlled by the scripting engine and the only way to make this would work be to expose the variables used by the scripting engine, but this would not be user friendly and the typical user would get no use out of it whatsoever. It would be almost impossible to create a GUI that doesn't involve guesswork or pre-requisite knowledge from the end-user. It would also be possible to permanently mess up your save file with such a feature if you didn't know precisely what you were doing.
As such I see this as being very unlikely to be implemented.

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