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I have the current patch of divinity at
I tried using moose edit 20, 24, and 25

Here is the newest game save I have, the game loads and saves fine.

Here is a game save that is quite a while ago.

Neither version of moose edit I use can load either of these, along with any other game save I have.

I did notice that when I tried to change the name of Jahan and Madora that the game reverted them back to default. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it or not, however the old game saves should be fine.

Thanks for your help solvin this Dairymoose!

I don't have any issues opening either file. I would suggest trying,
1. The Dev and PAK tabs to try opening Globals.lsb and any PAK file that doesn't end in _1 or _2, to see if you get any issues.
2. Trying the editor on a different computer (e.g., a laptop) and see if the problem persists.