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Also having problems using moose edit after latest patch
I have the current patch of divinity at
I amusing moose edit 25

1. Saves are working in game
2. moose edit 25 crashes after load is complete, looks like it is going to work, it loads the tabs for my characters etc. then crashes, with "application has stopped working"

3. Tried using dev tab within moose edit to load Globals.lsb. this loads fine.
4. Tried using pak tab within moose edit to load pak file not ending in 1 or 2, this also works fine.

Other save games also crash after seeming to load 100%.

Any suggestions or others having trouble using moose edit in latest patched version of Divinity OS ??

Yeah, it just doesn't work with the latest patch.

I installed an older version of the game and it works, but, yeah, latest update breaks the editor completely.