Normal difficulty is totally unbalanced once you leave Cyseal, at least for melee and ranged attacks. Easy mode is also way too easy, you will easily crush most enemies without them even getting a chance to fight back. It feels like having god mode enabled.

The biggest problem is that the poorly balanced hit ratio. My warrior and archer can't hit for shit after Cyseal and were having 75% or higher hit chance in the Cyseal maps. After six months, this game should finally have these issues fixed. Mages, however, always hit their target with spells, though effects like blind and stunned don't always work.

The blood letting spell for witchcraft I've found useful as that does melee damage and always hits the target. Also the staff of magus spell acts the same way as if you would hit the enemy with your staff. I've used this spell to make a staff that does fire damage ignite oil and poison from afar and watch the enemies blow up and burn.

The story and character conversations are really great. It is just combat that is a mess, though it is slowly getting better with each update. By December the game should really be awesome and fine tuned. It will be a game that will be enjoyable 20 years from now.

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Every time there I run into trouble on the road, there is always a dwarf at the bottom of it. Don't they know how to drive above ground?