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The biggest problem is that the poorly balanced hit ratio.

There are no issues. You took a wrong track and ended up fighting many levels above you or/and you forgot to put points into your primary stats like strength.

Coming out level 12/13 from Hiberheim it is easy either way - Luculla mines or Immaculate trials first.

The problem here is common, I mean for many players, and it's fault of design.

There are skills/spells to increase your ToHit significantly. But they show lame numbers as 1 or 2 and only for few rounds. Psychologically most players will just reject those skills/spells because of the lame numbers. It could be wrong choice logically but it's still the result.

The design should have shown more appealing numbers to attract attention of player on tools to increase ToHit.

Those tools are buffer/debuff mainly on attributes and also through some states, this includes increase luck that increase ToHit, decrease/increase attributes, surround enemy to lower its defense or increase your ToHit, some states on enemies that will increase a lot your ToHit, some more I can't remember now.