I have roughly 550 hours of game time since I got the game last month. I am on my 3rd play through so I don't profess to be an expert I do know something about the game and what works for me and what doesn't work.

My primary reason for posting is a recent update in Steam where one of the notes from Larian stated that they adjusted the game balance! Adjusted is a broad term IMO, the word is really "ruined the game balance"

As an example, King Boreas. This fight for me was a nightmare the 1st time out and I beat it on the 3rd try. In my co-op games we managed to kill the boss after about 20 turns and it was barely! On my 2nd play through with more game experience, choosing the right gear and the right skills, the battle went smoother but was still a challenge. After the recent "balance" patch I was able to get the boss to half health on turn one! I even checked to make sure the game wasn't on easy for some reason, and it wasn't. The good king was dead an buried before he was able to summon his 3rd set of elemental minions. Way to easy and quite a let down. Yes my game skill has improved quite a bit but this was way too easy. I notice a definite bug where the boss will just stand still for 4 or 5 turns, do nothing at all! Then as soon as his/her last minion is dead the boss suddenly comes to life.

There is another battle in Laculla Forrest against Orcs. There is a female orc caster and an elite warrior. On Turn one, the orcs turn the female orc summons her war party and then the battle heats up. On my 3rd play through after the patch, the two orcs are dead before they even get a turn! I reloaded it and skipped my turn just so more enemies would spawn and I'd get the exp for the whole group instead of just two!

Prior to the patch a level 3 or 4 trying to take on a level 7 was pure suicide. Now? My group of level 4s wiped out 5 or 6 level 7 wolves in the Cyseal zone. Now that is just wrong :(

The combat has become busy work, its just too easy. Yes, I bumped the difficulty to hard and now instead of killing them all in 1 turn, it takes 2 or 3..yay!

So Larian maybe you need to set up a play mode, lets call it "classic" and revert back to your original play balance and then an easy mode for people that are new to the game or need some help to get over that one battle they just cant seem to win.