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The problem here is common, I mean for many players, and it's fault of design.

No. If a player choses to not observe and think, fine, than he has to live with the consequences.

Your statement would make chess a game with "fault of design" just because players know they can change a pawn into a queen reaching the back rang of the enemy but noone took the players hand in a move losing just another pawn and hindered him doing so.


His point was that many gamers refuse to use activateable skills that only have very short durations. And prefer long duration and direct effect actions.

2 rounds hit chance up on 1 dude (which still does not guarantee hits)? Or setting all enemies on fire, blasting them with meteors and setting a frozen wall up so that they can't get to you? Guess what most players choose.

And in D:OS, the hit chance up buff is never the right choice wink Even when I have the choice just between THAT and HEALING I would always choose healing. Because a dead dude never deals damage in that combat again. So killing enemies and preventing enemies from killing your own dudes is how D:OS works. The Hit Chance stuff should be among many toggleable auras.