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That's why I think that enemy AI should have in-combat memory.

Is target common fire immune creature?
If not, attack with fire.
No damage, target immune?
If target has no elemental buffs, don't attack same target with fire.
If it has elemental buffs, don't attack with fire, but monitor when buff expires.
Buff expires? Try again attack with fire (if no better option available)

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Ha, I wouldn't assume so much. I'd sooner guess that information like elemental immunity simply isn't communicated to the AI decision making system, and that implementing such a thing would take up a non-negligible amount of time.

Either way,

Larian, please implement AI that recognizes elemental immunities when choosing targets!

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Thats would be great!!! smile

To identify elemental resistances should be done within the system of the Loremaster ability. (Not sure enemies are using Loremaster, but i am assuming so here) The problem is, that it takes always a skill rank of 5 in Loremaster to get information for elemental resistances (i am assuming same for PCs and NPCs). IMHO this should be changed. If something is common knowledge like fire creatures are immune to fire, this shouldnt require a skill rank of 5!

To cut a long story short, 1) if not yet implemented (i'm not sure here) let the NPCs use meaningful the Loremaster ability and 2) change to way Lormaster ability works for things every child should know rather than implement another code check (IF elemental immunity = commen sense THAN)

Another topic about exploit of sneaking skill: I got the feeling there are bosses and NPCs who try to find you but still have a hard time to find a well hidden sneaker (which sounds imho like a reasonable and good system). If that is already implemented for some NPs why not add it to everybody in a more or less skilled way.

my 2 cents... cheers