I also want to clarify a tiny bit, when I say Initiative should be a roll.. I mean a random (dice) roll each round. Sure sounds like a clusterhug at first, but you can ALREADY put your dudes at the back end of the round (another huge advantage Larian gives players that imo is *absurdly* powerful especially in a magic slingfest) by the way, most AP based games do not allow you to preserve all your AP until the end of the round. In fact nearly all of them lock your AP when you "skip" aka "Guard" and then give you a % value of AP on top as reward for being so brave (debatable whether that is balanced in itself, but it's acceptable imo) what's not acceptable is games that let you just "wait" until the end of the turn and then after everyone moved already decide what to do. That is no longer turn based, that's just the illusion of turn based wink

Either way, it would make combat more entertaining, because a group of the same 5 enemies won't all just move all after each other every single time, and thus set themselves up for pwnage at the back-end of a round, when movement is done, and when you can stack damage DOT effects on them over 2 rounds for (essentially) free. And seeded roll because the initiative has to be random for each playthrough, but fixed for THAT playthrough when player reloads. So that even a "bad roll" can still be solved through raw tactics.

If that is implemented, the "wait until end of round" has to be removed, obviously. Since that is cheating the combat system the same way as a out of combat first strike. The AI can't do that and thus the player shouldn't be allowed to either.