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Eraser, so you are always seeing all your guys in front first or in back last, but never good guys and enemies sprinkled throughout a round?

Although I am not the addressee - not always and not all figures but almost all and almost all figures. Pretty normal for a decent player as initiative is a direct consequence of speed, perception and leadership. Thus only a very melee heavy party would be in danger to come second.

I had very few fights in all of my playthroughs where not at least 3 of 4 from my party fired first.


Yep, I saw that to and in characters.txt you can modify it, I believe I went -5 init across the board for our guys to mix it up. Perhaps more depending on what we concentrate on attibute wise, but doing that for me has made some fights in front, some fights at the end and some sprinkled, seemed pretty balanced. The one's where I'm at the end, probably the most memorable since you dig out of a hole.