I still say most of these issues would be less concerning if encounter design were better and enemies having more (and a smart selection of) skills. (That being said, that doesn't stop me from charming half the enemies and let them duke them out amongst each other :p)

Or simply give enemies higher Initiative.

Some aren't to bad situationally though, like putting oath of desecration on a toy bomb and then teleporting it into a group of enemies, lmao.

Why... I... Never... Thought... about... teleporting the toy bomb. ;_;

But with infinite mana + cooldowns

You may complain about that, but beta players complained that they didn't like having a mana system. Thus a cooldown system was made to appease players.

Some skills shouldn't be able to be used before combat starts, that would help a bit with the large advantage players gain over the AI at the start.

This is an excellent idea. Can even simply limit it to spells that can be cast out of range of combat initiation range.

what's not acceptable is games that let you just "wait" until the end of the turn and then after everyone moved already decide what to do. That is no longer turn based, that's just the illusion of turn based wink

Uh, what. In D&D (PnP) you can delay your initiative to WHENEVER YOU WANT, not just to the end of the round.