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Thank you for the editor, Dairymoose!

Can you make the PermBoost works in-game somehow?
Strings value to weapon's Boosts like [Weapon_Blackrock_Boost_Combo] registered correctly in editor, but it doesn't work in-game. However, some boosts like APStart or APRecovery doesn't show in editor, but shows in-game on item description and behaves correctly.

I'm not sure I follow. I'm pretty sure the PermBoost section doesn't even allow you to set "Weapon_Blackrock_Boost_Combo". So I'm not sure how you managed to add it using the editor. As for APStart/APRecovery, this is just an item tooltip display issue. Even at this point the item tooltips are not 100% correct.
For the PermBoosts in particular I have no easy way to identify which PermBoosts work and which don't - the only way to figure this out is just adding every one and testing it in-game. I haven't actually done this as it would take a very long time.
That being said, you can still add them via the editor and they should work fine. And it is still visible on the PermBoost tab itself, even if the item tooltip mouseover doesn't translate it into a line on the tooltip. I agree this should be fixed but I don't see it as a major issue since the information is still available by clicking the appropriate tab. The item tooltip is really just a convenience as 100% of the item's information is available in the various tabs of the Edit Item interface.