But isn't that caused directly by the class less character system? With no fixed classes and class-skill-progression, you can not give characters limitations and with no limitations, you can not balance encounters and the difficulty progression along these limitations and the character growth. The enemies in this game are designed along class ideas that the player does not have to follow and indeed, the game balance falls entirely apart once players gain access to proper destruction and crowd control magic.

Nothing we will ever do to D:OS will make it's combat better tuned and interlinking than any DnD adaption. Certainly not anything like BG2 or IWD, DnD has *various* completely mutual exclusive magical schools, which allowed some higher concepts (like "protection from" spells) and vocalized vs formed spells. Or clerical vs magical, turn/command undead, Good vs Evil, or really just life vs death magic.. or more general things like "Mind and Moral" or the druid line

All these things gave you and your enemy options but more importantly it gave the game designers options. They could design fights to have a certain thematic focus, and not be always the same. They could make magic fights absolutely INSANE requiring every trick you had, but allow you to rest afterwards and breeze through combat elsewhere. In this way BG2 was never truly HARD, but it was always fun and a challenge. And it was more importantly very diverse. Sure there were goblins to 1 shot and human bandits to smash. But for each of those, you had encounters that really required you to THINK about what you are facing right there.

I mean BG2 had some insane challenges if you weren't very careful, Kangaxx the demi-lich for example. When I first encountered him I basically was wiped out, later I came back prepared analyzing his spells, preparing for his counter spells, and I won. (funnily you could play through BG2 without EVER finding Kangaxx ,p) it was that kind of RPG. And I love them. That fight was 100% optional and it was a PAIN in the BEHIND to fight. (But it also was absolutely worth it.... Kangaxx is one of the very few enemies in BG2 that cast time-stop (And assorted spells.. he also has the spell finger of death, which is hilarious (and instant game-over) if he hits your main char with that during time-stop without you being immune to death spells)

I don't want BG2 cloned, I just want a game that gives me this experience in some way or another. The thrill of meeting an enemy that REALLY knew how to use the magic to it's absolute fullest. Where you notice as player, yes, the game designers and developers gave a damn and really put their minds and hearts together to craft this encounter.

There is exactly 1 enemy in D:OS that made me feel that way, it was the literally 3rd last enemy of the game. (The uber-death knight in front of the temple gate) whoever designed that fight (and the entire area around that specific fight), kudos to you, you evil EVIL mind you. Sorry for writing this much, but I am really missing these kind of experiences in D:OS..... only 1 of these encounters in an entire game is too few. And the rest of the fights were largely forgettable, maybe that Hunters rest fight.. that was cool, but it was not challenging....