Your assumptions about me are as stupid and as ignorant as usual.

I have never seen a single enemy using an elemental shield spell in any of those encounters you listed. :shrug:

Im not sure if you even understand about which spell i am talking about. Besides that being completely beside the point of the thread and the actual issue.

I have no idea how any of that could possibly mean such things are not important, even in that retard version of yours, especially based on the fact you dont even notice them anymore... or how does elemental absorption or dying in fire have anything to do with it... ?

What it seems to have something to do with is your stupid assumptions about how im making these suggestions because i personally have a problem with difficulty of the game and want to make it easier...? Which is what you also assumed in the previous one.

Just stay away from my threads and stop insinuating ludicrously false "stuff" about what im saying because it has nothing to do with it and its really insulting, besides being an obvious retard smear campaign.

Do i have to repeat this a few more times to sink in?

I really hope not.

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