Im focusing on off topic stuff? ME? IS THAT REALLY SO RAZE?

Public feedback is ok, even if unwanted, provided that "public" understands what im talking about.
Some posters did and that was fine. Pointless but ok.

I have no problem with that. Dont strawman me just because someone else made that idiotic assertion.

Some didnt, three of them so far - and then went to pots various lies, invented stupid accusations, assertions and declarative statements without a QUESTION IN SIGHT! And they do it over several threads. Thats not an assumption.

And its not public feedback. Its "public" bullshit.

They would like to present it as if they are the "public" and im just some angry dude who doesnt want the public to comment.

- you had just fallen for that cheap trick.

That kind of ludicrous and very insulting crap will only get this kind of answer from me.
Especially if i didnt start it. Especially if i tried to avoid it several times over.

My replies dont make off topics any longer.
What makes them longer is the fact that these forums allow those posters and such posting.
And inadvertently support it.
Like most of the forums around.

I am not going to suck it up just so you can feel better about yourself or these forums.

"The more you do focus on things off-topic, especially written in a way likely to provoke a reaction, the more off topic the discussion will become."

:lol: youre telling that to me? :lol:

I should instead quiver in my pants, put a sock in my mouth and be terrified of these few posters? Because the forums actually support that kind of discussions?
Those kinds of posters?

Or i should respond nicely to them while they are free to splurge whatever falls out of their heads? Waste pages and pages defending from every accusation they invent - only for them to completely disregard it and keep repeating and screaming the same ludicrous stupid shit? So that the original purpose of the thread is completely lost?

Like they and their clones did in the previous thread, and the previous one, and the previous one. And the one before that.

Because if i dont then they will say something nasty? and play poor victimz so that either the thread or the poster they dont like gets closed?


To your credit that hasnt happened yet, but i do feel that ts obviously not far away, seeing how you accept fallacies splurged by those few posters as holy truths. - it looks like it -