No, im just reflecting it back. For me this discussion ends each time i write a post like this.
But then someone else makes another post that prolongs it.

I dont start it and i dont prolong it. In reality.

"I pointed out your responses were counter productive assuming you wanted your topics to actually stay on topic."

But it is not me who keeps pushing things into off topic flamewars territory.
Thats what youre missing.
The cause and effect should be observed.

I actually just dont want false feedback from those posters who - evidently, dont think they need to understand what i am saying and instead pursue their own agendas or just fly off on some tangent they imagine.

Which then distorts what i am saying. There are poster who latch onto those false translations and then go to increase the problem. Just look at Phalyzyr in the other thread.
He never read what i am saying, he just saw the false things those two invented and then went off on that tangent for several pages.

Despite me saying i dont intend to talk about it and putting him on ignore.

There is just no stopping that without equally harsh countermeasures.

And look - it worked.
As a result he started to actually read what i am saying, instead of what someone else is saying about what i am saying.

All i need is a month or two of drilling more and ill make a sane poster out of him.
(joke... just a joke, haha)

"Is it more important that you be seen to be 'right' or to defend yourself against perceived attacks? "

I am right in this case just because of the circumstances.
These things im talking about are not something i invented. They are in the game already.
Which means i am right simply by default and because that is so... i dont need to argue about it at all. There is nothing to argue about in that sense.

There is no "perceived attacks" there. Its not something i imagine, Raze.

All im really arguing is that im trying to say that the orange is not the best ingredient in this soup and those few keep screaming that they like apples in their roasts and they dont want it removed...

Devs will see the suggestion, they will think it over and ultimately decide to do something about it or not. I dont see how any "public" feedback based on misunderstanding can help that.

I dont see how any public feedback could be against this if it is understood as it should be.


"Some of your responses are not inappropriate because of some possible reaction someone else may have, but because the content itself is inappropriate."

Insulting language? But thats nothing compared to what an insult those posts and such behavior are.
It only goes in effect after i tried to explain things in a normal way and that fails.
Sure it is not nice to see or read, but to me it seems atleast a bit more honest and simple then the hypocrisy of what im replying to.

Anyway, youre right on this account, but just technically.


"Take a look at the length of the posts and the length of your replies. Your reply to Thiorsten, for example, could have been limited to lines 2-4 of what you posted, and would have been a more effective rebuttal without the rest."

Too much language? Well... excuse me for trying to explain myself. There is a lot one could say about all of this. A study could be made of it.
I dont think any short answer would produce anything different. Didnt seem to work in previous examples of this.

It is rather strange to hear that length of my replies is prolonging something that has nothing to do with me. Thats... a really strange logic.
And it seem to imply i should worry about what someone like Thorsten or Mongoose will think about it...and then censor myself?

Thats even stranger. To say the least. And i could say a few thing more.

Maybe next time it happens, and it will in an environment like this, i can use a link to this thread to shorten future replies. (if im still here that is)
But i doubt it.

Probably nobody noticed but i dont go around accusing people of anything or attacking their personality or character... until i find myself in such a situation and reflect it back.
I do respond to it but thats all.

Not that that matters, right?
What matters is who can achieve greater false niceness. The fake pretentious civility masquerading whatever insane or fallacious thing is sprayed out.

Because logic, common sense, facts and truth are not a currency on the internet or forums.
The currency is how you make someone else feel.

And its all just... sad.

Anyway, to try and get back on topic....


Agreed, that would make one have to think of what type to cast when facing enemies. Learn what spells they might cast at you and only shield against those.

It isnt only that the players would have to think what type of shield to use against which element. Its pretty clear stuff in the game already.

What this would do is prevent players to use these elemental shields as something that mitigates all damage.

Currently, when you cast... lets say air or water shield on yourself, it removes any damage at all, not just air or water based damage as it should.

Enemy strikes you with a sword (or whatever else) and all that does is it takes away a bit of a shield. Your health remains unaffected by enemy hits as long as the shield lasts.

For the duration of the shield you are literally impervious to ALL damage.
It shouldn't play like that.

Other types of damage should get through it and affect your HP.

Maybe, maybe such elemental shields could reduce damage a bit, since that seems plausible but that should be themost you get from them.

So, example:

:Water shield on:

- Physical damage gets through - maybe reduced by 10% or something. And it destroys the shield too, reducing its "length" or duration as it does now.

- Water based damage gets completely stopped. But it chips away at the shield.

- Lightning based damage hurts you more - and reduces the shield. (maybe more then others?)

- Fire and Earth based damage does less damage then usual, but some of it gets through anyway. and they reduce the shield too, of course.

Maybe you can add difference to how much each element affects the shield and player character health to make it a bit better and more diverse, therefore more interesting in gameplay.