Ill explain this the last time.

There are suggestion that benefit from public feedback. There are suggestions that do not.
The public, including me, knows too little about these things in sufficient detail to properly judge it all.

Thats why this is aimed at devs the most.
They are the only ones that know every last tiny detail of it and the only ones that can properly judge it and then decide to do it or not, or to do something similar to it.

Second of all, there is a few posters here who are continuously trying to flame me, insult me and blatantly strawman what i am saying. They didnt provide any feedback. Only distorted and literally ludicrous crap.
But they would love to make you all believe its because "i dont like public feedback".

Its a cheap, lying strawman/ad hominem argument they use because i dont accept their insults and stupidity.

It would be nice of the rest of you to not fall for it, just because they said it.

Third, some suggestions are not fit for "public feedback" for other reasons.
Like for example the recent change when devs soft capped elemental resistances from gear at 80%.
If they offered that for "public feedback" it would never get accepted.

All because a few posters would have provided so much screaming and noise and flamewars - as they did afterwards, based on completely wrong presumptions.

Originally Posted by Romus5
I never used these in my first play through, but in my second I tried them out. They are way too powerful and did make encounters too easy.

It basically doubles your health right? I would say it is even more powerful than the Invulnerability spell.

I dont know if they exactly double health or not. Never really checked the dry numbers.
All i know is i dont take any damage at all until the shield is spent.

I think that different types of damage affect and reduce these shields in different amounts... but im not sure if its that or just some hits i took simply did more damage then others.

In any case i think that if its possible to do, this suggestion would make gameplay better for everyone - and make the game a bit harder in a very natural and consistent manner.

Just imagine an enemy that sees you casting fire spells and then uses fire shield.
That would reduce one very easy way to defeat some enemies, wouldn't it? From time to time, where appropriate, of course.

And if its done in a bit more complicated way as i suggested above, it would open up a whole small field of gameplay options in combat.

Lets say enemies cast water shields with effects as i detailed above:

:Water shield on:

- Physical damage gets through - maybe reduced by 10% or something. And it destroys the shield too, reducing its "length" or duration as it does now.
- Water based damage gets completely stopped. But it chips away at the shield.
- Lightning based damage hurts you more - and reduces the shield. (maybe more then others?)
- Fire and Earth based damage does less damage then usual, but some of it gets through anyway. and they reduce the shield too, of course.

- you zap them with electricity.

And while im at it, ill throw a few such ideas for other shields too.

:Earth Shield:

- Reduces physical and earth (poison) based damage the most.
- Water damage it the most? And gets through and damage character health the most.
- Fire does minimal health damage and minimally reduces the shield. Or some middle amount.

- Air?


:Air shield:

- Reduces Air based damage the most.
- Protection or reduction of damage against Earth-poison is good.
- Fire affects it a lot? (fire loves oxygen)
- Physical damage gets a small reduction against it.
- Middle protection versus water?


Feel free to throw in your suggestions if any come up.