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There are suggestion that benefit from public feedback. There are suggestions that do not.
The public, including me, knows too little about these things in sufficient detail to properly judge it all.

Thats why this is aimed at devs the most.
They are the only ones that know every last tiny detail of it and the only ones that can properly judge it and then decide to do it or not, or to do something similar to it.

Why post on forum rather than send email to devs support or other such more direct routes if you don't want other public input?

If you done that it'd be one person backing an idea. The devs are more likely to implement a suggestion if they see several people backing it with valid input not just one person.

They know the system and how it works so why argue in a rude manner about whether enemies use it often or not? The devs will know if that is true, and it doesn't change the more important point of them being all elements (IMO that is more important). Saying you disagree with that assessment would of sufficed. No need to further stress the situation.

Attacking other posters like you have been doing, discourages others to come in and discuss the idea you have, and make devs less likely to do so as well.

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