Hey...this is great. Moderators have started to delete my posts.

But you leave posts from obvious flamers like Phalzyr, who is barely capable of speech and just keeps on spamming his idiotic inventions about my personality.

And thats ok. Thats the supported behavior.

well we can do that too.
Ill give you a fuller version of a reply.

Originally Posted by Phalzyr

Why post on forum rather than send email to devs support or other such more direct routes if you don't want other public input?
becuase this is a direct route.

I dont want your "input" since its only lies and insults.
Like this one.


If you done that it'd be one person backing an idea.

really? Wow, geee... i missed my chance then.

Doesnt that pm to you explain quite clearly what i think of you?
Why the fuck would i want "backing" from that?


The devs are more likely to implement a suggestion if they see several people backing it with valid input not just one person.

No, they dont design a game by committee.

And you didnt provide any valid input except proclaiming yourself "people" and "posters". Which is actually insulting to people and posters.

And you also keep spamming personal insults and blatant lies.
Thats all of your contribution.

They know the system and how it works so why argue in a rude manner about whether enemies use it often or not?

This is a blatant lie.

Quote where i argued in a rude manner about it.


The devs will know if that is true, and it doesn't change the more important point of them being all elements (IMO that is more important).


Youre repeating what i said from the start?


Saying you disagree with that assessment would of sufficed.

Thats what i did. Actually.

Its just that youre either too stupid to understand that or youre intentionally spamming lies and fallacies as you have done from the start.

No need to further stress the situation.

Then why do you keep posting in my threads?



Attacking other posters like you have been doing,

Posters? What "posters"? And what attacks?

You mean replying in kind to you and one or two other idiots? Since when are you a majority?

Since when is replying to insults an attack?


It discourages others

What others? Hypothetical others?

and make devs less likely to do so as well.

devs never do that and there is no need for discussion at all.

- EDIT -

Due to last few weeks increase in amounts of various horrible, sad and tragic things happening all over the world, and especially in the last day or two...

and today being All Saints day which has a deeper meaning where im from... and to me personally,

and because yesterday i opened the new Larian update, read it, then looked up in the skies and just shook my head, spread my arms and waved them around in that incredulous way before just hanging down my head and saying "Fine... fine!"
"I got it... i got it!"
:waves hands around:

I felt like i should remove the part that was here.
I apologize for that to parties i wrongly mentioned in anger using such low vocabulary. It looked stupid and ugly.
And for several reasons i mentioned i cannot let it stay and add to ugly things of these days.

Not the least of which is that the new update from Larian, released shortly after i wrote this post made it so that i have shot myself in the foot and "eaten my hat" too... at the same time.

So its actually like they double pwned me from one shot.
Plus, since they obviously were preparing that from some time ago... it turns out they did it without even trying.

Which, as i said did not escape me.

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