i noticed that DOS seems to load all "Stat" files of all mods and the "main" values.
It seems it than depends on how the values are internally handled, so the "TreasureTable.txt" seems to override a entry with the same name, going by the editor log warnings.

The problem is that ItemCombos.txt or other files are always just added, so it is not possible to remove or modify a given combination, just add a new or extra one.

So as example i was trying to add extra boosts for weapons to earlier requirements like BR 3-4. What happens is that while my new entires become available, the old versions are also still active. So as example i'm unable to remove old crafted boosts from the tables and replace them completely with new values.

Is there some way to control what tables are overridden by name and which are added? A list per excel file would be nice, so we understand what original values will always be active and which can be completely changed.

I would also like to have more control over what tables are added to existing ones and which should completely replace old tables.

As example, its a real pain to try mod item combos if you cant actually fully replace the original tables via mod.

Thx Andy

PS: A quick hack would be to use a special named "Stats Override" folder which controls that any stat files in this folder will completely replace the tables, instead of adding to existing entries.

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