I also just noticed that the numerical "Requirements" from the weapon.txt are ignored for crafted weapons? Can someone explain how and where the "Requirements" values are calculated and if the scaling can be changed somehow?

I tried to add more variety to crafted weapons, so you can have lower quality weapons with low requirements and higher quality weapons with higher req., but without the information where the crafted scaling is coming from and how to change it, this is simply not possible.

I know that the "AutoLevel" value in the itemcombos is what causes the crafted weapon to "level" to your HL, while all other weapons are 1:1 lookups via "Act" level from the item tables. So theoretically i could change crafted tables to use this 1:1 relation too and steer requirements, but thats a huge pain in the a..! Thats because i would need HL1-20 entries and duplicate those for CR/BR 1-5 levels, which would become a huge mess to maintain.

From what i can see the only reason this is done for none crafted weapons is to be able to use different roottemplates, which are basically just different mesh's and icons.

What i was expecting is that the "Strength 6" entry for crafted weapons is a 1-10 scale, that than gets "leveled" by the logic. Atm this value is completely ignored and all crafted weapons always end up with the exact same requirements, no matter if you enter "Strength 1" or "Strength 10", which makes it impossible to create any new weapons that differ from this auto formula.

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