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I just did essentially this in a new game, and had no problem. If you edited a quicksave, are you sure you reloaded the right one?

I made a named save, loaded it in the editor, and in the inventory tab for each character, right clicked on the gold and selected Edit Item, clicked the General button, changed the amount and then clicked on the Apply button. For the attributes, I just highlighted each number and changed it to a 9. Then I clicked on the 'Save all changes' button, switched back to the game, reloaded, and the gold and attribute changes showed up.
I didn't need to go into the Dev or PAK tabs.

Hi Raze,

Thanks for the reply.

I just started a new game and named a save file as SP_01, and edited it with the editor without touching the Dev and PAK tabs this time. Pressed the 'Save all changes' button after editing.

However, the problem still existed, the editor shows I have successfully edited the gold and the attributes that both of my characters have 9k gold and +2 extra attributes everytime I reloads the SP_01 with the editor, however, nothing has changed in game.

If the moose editor does not work for me, should I try lstools instead?

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