There is now a beta branch on Steam for a balancing update (currently just Windows), to get suggestions and feedback. The basic goal is to speed up combat; see below for details.

This is a beta, so there may be changes in future beta updates that break save compatibility. Any progress made during the beta period will most likely be lost. You will, however, have a chance to influence the implementation of this set of balancing changes.

The beta will load saves from the current version of the game, but of course should you choose to revert back to 1.0.219 you would not be able to load beta saves.

Anyone interested in trying the beta update and providing feedback, please contact me by PM or email (

- bug fixes and minor changes to several combat encounters
- Rebalanced Constitution & Damage: from LUC to DAF, overall, creatures go down faster but deal more damage.
- Nerfed Armor: some Armor scores were too high, resulting in unnecessarily long fights.
- Rebalanced Initiative: some creatures had too high an Init, some others none at all. NPC Init scores will now be closer to players'.
- Rebalanced Willpower & Bodybuilding throughout the game.
- Rebalanced physical & magical resistances: some were high for no reason.
- Some creatures had really high Dex and were difficult to hit for no reason.
- Pure elementals (fire, water, air, earth) now have proper resistances & immunities.
- Magic weapons: before, e.g., a flaming sword would inflict pure fire damage; now, it inflicts physical (slashing) damage + a fire boost.

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