To the OP: THANK YOU!!

Wow. I cannot say that enough. Awhile back I loaded a save game in my hex editor just to check it out but made no adjustments to it. Loaded back up and played for about three hours when suddenly it crashed. It kept crashing every time I loaded it and so I went back to the previous save and crashed again. It did it all the way back to the original save I had loaded in my hex editor and it was doing it whenever I opened my inventory and moused over my sword. I was pissed and thinking three hours lost but decided to check for a save game editor.

Found this thread, downloaded it, loaded up my save game and immediately found the problem. I don't know how, but something got messed up on the sword. I fixed it in your wonderful program and I've gone another hour on the final save with no problems.

Simply, you rock!

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