Works very well, thank you! Here's a couple things I'd like to see:

When adding experience to a character, either have it not change the level so the game itself can do this or add the appropriate number of ability points/skill points/talents. eg if I add 5 levels worth of experience, have it add 5 level's worth of points to spend. Right now, you can add experience but the only benefit you get from it is the vitality, since it automatically adjusts your level but doesn't add the points you would receive.

Item editing is a little confusing for me. I figured out how to increase an item's level which seems to have a built in scale for damage range and whatnot, but adding abilities is a bit confusing. Sometimes what I pick doesn't show at all so I'm not sure if it works and doesn't show, or just didn't work at all.

Great job so far though, I haven't had any issues as far as errors etc while using it, and no broken saves!

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