You should be able to resurrect an NPC but I haven't tried to do this myself. It might take some experimentation on your part to figure it out though.
Here's what you could do:
Use the game's editor (i.e., not MooseEdit) and find the NPC you want to resurrect. There should be some sort of long identifier next to their name (e.g., "41ada10b-7a98-4c63-a335-774f98460dea"). You will need to use this identifier later.
Open MooseEdit and go to the Dev tab. Click "Open File" in this Dev tab and find your save file (e.g., "C:\Users\You\Documents\Larian Studios\profiles\You\SaveGames\AutoSave_1\globals.lsb"). Right click on the word "Characters" and then use "Find". Paste the identifier that you obtained earlier from the editor into the text box.
If it finds an entry with this path: "Characters/root/CharacterFactory/Characters/Character", you are at the right spot. This is the character. As to how to resurrect the character, I'm not sure. Maybe try editing the "Vitality" node to be non-zero? Or try setting "IsResurrected" to "true"? I haven't tried it myself.
Use the "Save File" button and overwrite the Globals.lsb file you opened. I would suggest making a backup of the file before you do this though.

If you do figure it out, I think it would be helpful to others if you could post here how you did it/if it worked.

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