Hi there,

the stats of items you find are rolled randomly. Is it possible to completely delete the chance of specific stats on an item? I personally hate when items give you +1h-sword or +pickpocket as I want my characters to have the NEED to invest points into something if they want to be good at it and not just have an armor set for pickpocketing etc. While I could just evade those items and don't use them I often find items which are EXACTLY how I want them but then one of the stats is something like +2 pickpocket skill and I "can't" use it because I don't want to play with any of those items.

1. Long question short: How can I completely delete stats from the statpool for items?

2. And as a secondary question: Changing the treasuretable to only drop blue or better items works fine in early game but after a specific point later on treasure is still rare but suddenly only level 1-3 stuff. Any fix for that? I want to half the amount of loot but make blue the new common.

3. And a third question: Is it possible to change which item qualities are common for merchants? Like having all merchants at least sell blue or green items? Oh and can someone please create a mod which makes vendors restock every 20 minutes? I managed to make them instantly restock when talking to them by just deleting the AND NOT in story/rawfiles/goals/trade.txt at
NOT DB_TraderGeneratedTreasureForLevel(_Trader,_)

But I have no idea how to make it timed to 20 minutes. I mostly play this game in coop and instantly resetting merchants is a bad thing when your partner wants to buy something from the shop. With instant restock they get completely different stuff. If someone could make a mod to make vendors restock every 20 minutes instead of at level up THAT WOULD BE GREAT! smile

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