I love the game, I've spent >200 hours with it and I thank the developers for keep making it better with its patches. Nevertheless, with this last patch, I have a small complaint.

Although, I think the changes that came into effect with this patch are in the right direction, I don't like it when the rules of a game change in the middle of the game. In particular, the change concerning the tenebrium weapon damage calculation affects a lot the way I have built my team. Let me explain:

Before the patch, the tenebrium skill affected the damage caused by any tenebrium weapon or any standard weapon that (via crafting) had been boosted with tenebrium. That practically mean, that as soon as I learned how to handle tenebrium, I boosted all the weapons of my characters (one handed, two handed, bows and crossbows) with tenebrium and then, to increase the damage inflicted by them I only had to spend skill points on the tenebrium skill. There was no point any more to increase the one handed skill, the two handed skill, the bow skill or the crossbow skill as they didn't affect anymore the damage of my weapons. As a consequence, from the moment I learned how to handle tenebrium, I spent most of my skill points to boost the tenebrium skill to all my characters (except the magician) and bring them all to skill level 5. Now, all of a sudden, all these skill points I've spent go to waste because, according to the new rules, the damage inflicted by the weapons is decided by the corresponding weapon skill and not by the tenebrium skill regardless of the weapon being made of or boosted with tenebrium. The tenebrium skill is now only used as a perquisite to be able to handle certain tenebrium weapons. Well, that is a completely useless skill then because tenebrium weapons are way inferior to standard weapons so I don't use them. For example, a standard sword of level 20 for example, will have a base damage of say 200 whereas a tenebrium sword will have maybe slightly more, let's say 220. But you can boost the standard weapon with blacksmithing and crafting up to >250 damage and give it also some tenebrium damage if you combine it with a tenebrium bar. On the other hand, you cannot boost a tenebrium weapon by any means. Consequently, the standard weapons (boosted with tenebrium bars and blacksmithing) end up being way better that tenebrium weapons of the same level which means that there is no point using tenebrium weapons and that means that the tenebrium skill with the new rules is completely useless.

In a few words, I've spent most of my skill points in the last 5-6 level-ups to boost my tenebrium skill and now with the new rules all these skill points go to waste. I agree that it makes more sense to measure the damage of a weapon by its corresponding skill and not by a common tenebrium skill but that change should only take effect when you start a new game. You should never change the rules of the game in the middle of it.