Added automatic extraction/decompression of new file format
Updated PAK reader to support new PAK format

Some important notes about this version:
-I did not implement compression yet so the files will be much larger than the LSV.
-I am not creating an LSV archive at this time, instead it just decompresses all the files and modifies them without creating a new LSV.
-If an LSV file and a globals.lsb file exist in the same folder the game will complain that the "save file might be tampered with" (but still allow you to continue). This message is meaningless in this context but if the error bothers you, you can delete the .LSV file to get rid of the error message.
-In a future release I will be replacing the .LSV file itself and you will no longer get this error message.
-The .LSV file is backed up automatically just in case.
-I don't expect any problems as a result of this update but problems sometimes happen anyway.