In the kickstarted video the programmer said it was basically finished, and was quickly corrected, not that it just needed to be compiled. He meant the block with the middleware was resolved and there was just the details to finish, but details can take awhile.

The last news was a week ago, with some tweets, posted about in the Steam forum.

Originally Posted by Swen Vincke
We've had quite a few problems with it, more than we expected. Middleware & people are the two main ones (ctd)
We're now in a state where we need to reconcile the Linux specifics with the branch we've continued working on
There's more but long story short: it will still take some time. We don't regret not using a Wine wrapper, but (ctd)
It sure as hell would've made our lives a lot easier. Once it's there however, our engine will be running well on it(ctd)
Like the Mac version, and that'w here we wanted to end up. Apologies for any frustration and money back of course if (ctd)
it is too much to bear. It's not as if we planned for it to take this long and the investment we had to do (ct.)
is far more than you would imagine, cause again middelware. We should've checked that up front.