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Where is the Linux version?

Nearly eight (!!!) months after the Windows and the Mac version we are still waiting for the promised Linux version. Will the game be ever released for Linux? The last news about Linux is over two months old (The game has to be just compiled! - How slow is the system?!).

Although I loved divine divinity (via Wine!) I slowly begin to doubt it was a good idea to back this game and give my money to this company. This is a real shame and no good advertising for Larian. There are many people that backed this game on Kickstarter for the promise of getting a Linux version.


Alfred E.

I've always found it strange that people who use OSes other than Windows are willing to wait for months/years--and sometimes forever--for ports of their most-desired games to show up...During the eight-years I used nothing but Amigas (owned at least one of every model C= made, almost) and ran nothing except Amiga OS/Workbench--because Windows at the time was dependent on by-comparison very crude/primitive x86 hardware, DOS, CGA/EGA, etc.--I remember still being frustrated by having to wait for Amiga versions of games. But at the time, there were huge hardware differences that justified the wait.

Today, I can't see any justification for not at least running a dual-boot of Windows to run the games you want when they ship--as opposed to having to wait months/years, and many times never seeing a port made of the games you want. Today, there's no difference in the hardware at all, and if you're someone who loves computer gaming it doesn't make any sense *not* to run Windows. And of course, emulators are always second-best. But I can understand the reluctance, possibly, if computer gaming is something you can take or leave. But I enjoy it as a primary use for my home computing, and as such I'm not going to sit around for months twiddling my fingers and cursing, hoping for a port that may never come...;)

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