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Hi all, new to the forum. Long long time gamer, from back before confusers. Like all kinds of games but RPG's especially and the Baldurs Gates and Icewind Dales and Fallout 1-2-Tactics, and Temple of Elemental Evil RPG games the most. Played Divine DIvinity and liked it as well. I think Larian is doing fantastically...because....

I absolutely love D:OS. I cant stop playing it now that it is fixed ( for me). I think the combat is among the best combat I have seen in any computer game, probably the best game I have played in 7 years.

Without question, D:OS is the best game Larian has ever made. I love it, too. If there's a downside to that I guess it's that they've raised the bar so high that they'll have to do everything else they make just as well because it'll henceforth be expected from them...;)

This patch made all my crashing issues go away! Thank the maker! SO dont break the functionality fixes.

Hmmmm...that's one problem I haven't had with any of the builds, at least that I can remember. I do think this latest patch is the best version of the game to date and have started a third play-through because of it.

Just dont become like Blizzard with awful DRM, I hate steam but at least it works, Battlenet just sucks.

Agreed, I passed on D3 because of the horrible server-side requirements of the game--really resented them changing the Diablo formula as I am a single-player person and didn't appreciate the deliberate manipulation of the game to create obvious DRM and then claim it wasn't that at all...;) Playing D:OS has been like a breath of fresh air, comparatively.

Good Job Larian, looking forward to many more play throughs and hopefully more games like this, Larian may be my new go to Game company. Wish there would be an expansion pack like BG2 Throne of Baal!!!!! You get your characters all powerful and cool and then have to end the game...that sucks, but most endings do.

Thanks Happy Gaming!


I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)