I often feel bad about my first post on a forum being a support request, but I know that solving this would help a lot of other players, so please, excuse me.

After playing for tens of hours in a 3-player campaign, one of our characters, Madora, suddenly stopped being able to talk to anyone other than the heroes. This is kind of a problem, because Madora is controlled by our third player, and so they need to be able to speak to vendors to get equipment and such.

The first time this happened, simply loading the most recent quicksave fixed it, but the most recent occurrence has left us with our most recent unbroken save being over 5 hours prior. Hence, it came to me attempting to modify the save to fix this problem.

Looking at the Dev tab in MooseEdit, I believe I know what the problem is. It appears that the game believes Madora is currently in a dialogue with someone, already, and therefore is disallowing her to communicate with any other unimportant character. Why this still permits her to speak to the heroes is uncertain.

I'm drawing this conclusion from her being the only character with a Task in the DialogController section of her character information. Unfortunately, simply removing the names or values of the contents of DialogController from within MooseEdit does not fix the issue. The game simply repopulates the information with what appears to be default values.

The only other difference I can assume would be causing the issue is whatever "CurrentAoO" means, as it is set to 1, whereas all other characters have it set to 0. As it appears no one's been able to figure out what many of the labels in the Globals.lsb file actually mean, I'm a bit stuck, at the moment, swapping random boolean values, hoping that the game eventually works, again.

I'm almost certain that actually removing the Task from DialogController will fix the issue, but opening Globals.lsb in a hex editor reveals how convoluted the file actually is. Bravo to you, Dairymoose, for making that thing legible, because my rudimentary understanding of file encoding leaves me flabbergasted as to how anyone could figure out how random strings, separated by dots and garbled text, end up actually fitting together.

I attempted using lstools to handle it, but to no avail. I'm not sure if it's because the save file is in a newer format, but it was having its own problems.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I hope this will help anyone else who's had this issue, as I've read that this has affected others, at various points during the game's development.