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As was stated during the kickstarter, Mac and Linux development was stopped due to lack of resources, and only restarted, and those versions confirmed, once the goal was reached.

The Kickstarter page is still listing Linux as supported operating system. Coming to: Windows, Linux, Mac. On Apr 25 2014 tha status was: "Furthermore, you can expect a Mac version on Steam Early Access and a version of the game for Linux some time after its full release on PC/Mac"

Without trying to be obstinate...;)..."sometime after its full release on PC/Mac"...can mean delays of months and/or possibly years--and the PC version is still being changed/improved at this date. Generally, when it comes to gaming on Linux, delay is the name of the game--and that's nothing specific with regard to Larian, it's that way for all AAA Linux releases. That's why I recommended dual-booting Windows (you can pick up 8 for a song and the upgrade to 10 is free!) if you are someone who enjoys computer gaming as more than just a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. D3d12--if it lives up to its advance billing--will do more to separate Windows gaming from any other OS gaming API (OpenGL, etc.) than anything produced in the last decade. This won't be like any other D3d API release in the past, if the current scuttlebutt is true...I'm usually very cynical about these things, but Microsoft seems to be heading in the right direction with D3d12.

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)