Yes I also am a single player gamer, I get enough of other people in real life. I never play with other people in computer games, I do play with other people occasionally in wargames and RPG PnP type on our sandtable. Thats actually how I got into computer games.

I hadnt thought about them trying to better an excellant experience, true they have really raised the bar.

I am so unhappy that the game ends ( this is the 5 year old inside of me, the one that reads the same books and watches the same movies, and plays BG2 or IWD or Fallout 1 and 2... over and over and over.... LOL ) in fact I get to the point where you go in to the temple and I just wanna quit the game right there and start cannot be over I am not tired of it yet!!!!!

Glad to see someone else anyone else thinks and feels as passionately about this excellant creative amazingly captivating computer game as I do.