It'll be done when it's done.

That said, I do believe they messed up on this one. It's always harder to start developing on one platform and then "port later" instead of just taking the hit up front by developing on all platforms simultaneously (I'm also kind of curious why they managed to port to Macintosh but Linux is proving a major headache, they're both UNIX-based systems, so that seems odd. That's a *real* thing I'm wondering btw and not sarcasm/cynicism on my part).

I can however appreciate that money was a concern during development and Larian has so far always made good on their promises so I'm quite willing to cut them some extra slack. (Besides I have no issue playing the game on Windows)

As to why many of us are willing to wait "months/years" for ports. It's quite simple: many of us do not use Windows at all, and justifying paying $150 or something for a Windows license (on top of the extra hard disk space needed to keep the OS around) is kind of hard given the rather large body of games currently available for Linux, especially if said person isn't a hardcore gamer.

* as usual this is imho (unless stated otherwise); feel free to disagree, ignore or try to change my mind. Agreeing with me is ofc also allowed, but makes for much worse flamewarsarguments.

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